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Male Fertility Test

Male Fertility TestA male fertility test is the process of measuring and evaluating the quantity and quality of sperm in a semen sample produced by a man. It may require certain sperm preparations.

This test is usually done in order to see if a man is fertile and can become a father. According to the statistics, more than 30% of reproductively challenged couples' problems are connected to the quality of a man's semen or sperm accounts. Male fertility test is also used to check on the results of both vasectomy and reversed vasectomy operations.

What are the main steps in male fertility test?

Sperm count test

This is done to evaluate the amount of semen that's contained in every ml of seminal fluid in every ejaculation volume.

Liquefaction time test

Straight after ejaculation sperm is a thick gel formed by proteins which becomes more liquid after about 20 minutes. The test shows whether the liquefaction time is within normal ranges.

Semen mobility

This measures whether sperm cells have good forward movement. Motile density can be measured in a similar way.

Evaluation of sperm size, shape and appearance characteristics

This evaluates the percentage of sperm with normal shape. Morphology is a predictor of success in fertilizing.

Levels of pH

These are calculated to determine how alkaline (not acidic) or acidic (low pH) the semen is.

White blood cell count

This test should show if there are white blood cell in sperm.

Level of fructose

This test is to measure the amount of Fructose (a sugar) sperm naturally contains, and which provides it with energy.

Sperm Preparations

Before undergoing a male fertility test you should make some sperm preparations. It means that you mustn't have sexual activity which will end in ejaculation during 2 - 5 days before the test. Only by avoiding sex for a couple of days before the male fertility test you will get a reliable result with the highest possible sperm count.

At the same time sperm preparations should not include keeping away from sex for a week or two prior to the test because period without sex can bring to inactivity of sperm. Refrain from alcohol before the test. Besides, your health care practitioner should be warned about all medicines that you take.

Ejaculate sample should be gathered into a small sample cup. It doesn't matter where you do it - at the place where the test is conducted (a clinic or a hospital) or in a bathroom at your home to be not embarrassed. As a rule, it is possible to collect the sample of sperm through satisfaction achieved in some ways. You can either masturbate into the cup or procure the necessary amount of sperm after sex. You can ejaculate after sex into the cup or you can procure the sperm from a contraceptive put in a container. It won't do harm to the sample of sperm or somehow influence it.

Improve Male Fertility

You can increase ejaculation power and improve your male fertility and sperm production by introducing the following two natural and simple tips into your daily life. Firstly, make sure you drink enough water every day. However obvious it might sound, the fact is that we often forget that a dehydrated body cannot function properly and as a result the amount of sperm may decrease dramatically. Consequently, you will produce more sperm if you are more hydrated. The less hydrated you are, the less sperm you will ejaculate. You should drink 8 and more glassed of water to have your sperm level high.

Organic male fertility pills are often an excellent choice in improving your sperm volume and quality. They contain not only vitamins and herbal supplements yet additionally a combination of certain amino-acids that are important for keeping a proper sperm fertility. They also help you to have stronger, rock solid erections by increasing blood circulation to your penis.

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